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Exciting E-Bike Moments. Get ready to be inspired and discover the joy of riding in style.

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We are building a dedicated community for Puckipuppy. Here, we share enthusiastic and positive ebike moments, and ebike guidance tips are also presented here. Join our Puckipuppy E-Bike global community and explore the fun cycling lifestyle together!

Influencer Spotlight

Get a feel for the riders and the extraordinary experience they have with our E-Bikes.

Full suspension system consisting of lockable and adjustable hydraulic suspension fork and transverse rear suspension in the middle of the frame can absorb most of the bumps and vibrations during riding.

Puckipuppy, a professional e-bike manufacturer, makes you and your goods move efficiently and safely. Get fun with it.

Dual hydraulic disc brakes provide more effective braking in rainy, off-road, long downhill grades and in adverse conditions. Both improve riding comfort and fun.